Garage Exhaust Hose

Flare - Lok

A light weight black rubber hose.


  • Resistant to heat, aging, gasoline, oil & fumes
  • No wire or metal; even when flattened 100%, the hose immediately returns to its original shape
  • Ideal for carbon monoxide exhaust applications, small cars & small trucks
  • Flared end on each hose allows for connection to multiple lengths of the same size hose
  • Easily spliced, connected & re-connected as needed

Exhaust Systems
Fume Exhaust
Garage Exhaust
Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Product Specifications

Material: Rubber
Inside Diameter: Min: 2" - Max: 4"
Temperature: Low: 0° - High: 375°
Length: 11'

Due to evolving products and availability we reverve the right to alter or discontinue products without prior notice

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