Teflon® Lined Hydraulic Hose

Teflon® Lined Hydraulic Hose Assembly


Sutton Clark designs and custom fabricates PTFE hose assemblies for all markets. Our PTFE hose products are available for low, medium and high pressure applications. Hose assemblies are custom made for each application according to size, pressure rating, temperature, configuration and length. Hose fittings are available in stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and nickel-based alloy materials.


  • A large number of end fittings are available


  • Liquid Conveyance
  • Gas Conveyance

Product Specifications

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Hydraulic Hose Adapters

Hydraulic Cap & Plug

Hydraulic Field Attachable

Glycerin Filled Gauges

Hydraulic Flat Face Coupling

High Temp Hydraulic Hose Guards

Hydraulic Hose Guards

Hydraulic Hose Testing

Hydraulic Hose Reel

Hydraulic Oil

Megacrimp Coupling

Mobile Crimp

Hydraulic Mil - Spec Adapters

O-Ring Face Seal

Push Lok Fitting

Metric Adapters

Quick Disconnect Fittings

Stainless Steel Crimp Couplings

Hydraulic Tube Compression Fittings

Hydraulic Wing Nut Couplings