Mil-Spec Hydraulic Hose

Sutton Clark is a Mil-Spec Distributor / Custom Fabricator


Since 1960 Sutton - Clark has proudly served both the Federal and Military markets with custom and standard Mil-Spec hoses designed to meet their special ___requirements and demands. Please find below a fractional list for both markets of the products we can supply.


  • Providing bulk hose & hose assemblies that meet specific Federal or Military specs including

Federal Hose Specification List (partial):

Mil-Spec Description
ZZ-H-421 Chemical Engine Booster Hose
SAE J20 (ZZ-H-428) Coolant Hose
A-A-59226 (ZZ-H-451) Fire Hose
IPI 7 (ZZ-H-461) Welding Hose
A-A-59565 (ZZ-H-500) Pneumatic Air Hose
A-A-59613 (ZZ-H-521) Paint Spray Hose
A-A-59566 (ZZ-H-561) Water Suction and Discharge Hose
A-A-59567 (ZZ-H-601) Water Hose
ZZ-H-617 Widshield Wiper Vacuum Hose
A-A-59270 (L-H-520) Garden Water Hose

Military Hose Specification List (partial):

Mil-Spec Description
MIL-PRF-370 (MIL-H-370) Fuel Transfer Hose
MIL-DTL-3992 (MIL-H-3992) Air and Vacuum Brake Hose
MIL-H-4497A Low Temp Fire Hose
MIL-H-4536 Bromochloromethane Resistant Fire Fighting Hose
MIL-H-17902 Hose and Hose Assemblies, Aircraft Fuels
MIL-DTL-6000 (MIL-H-6000) Engine Hose
MIL-DTL-6615 Hose Assemblies, Rubber, Fuel and Water
MIL-DTL-8794 (MIL-H-8794) Hydraulic Fuel and Oil Hose
MIL-DTL-8795 (MIL-H-8795) Hydraulic Fuel and Oil Assemblies
SAE AS 8796 (MIL-H-8796) Air Duct Hose
MIL-H-10868 Gasoline Utility Hose
MIL-PRF-11588 (MIL-H-11588) Liquid Petroleum Dispensing Hose
MIL-DTL-13444 (MIL-H-13444) Fuel and Oil Hose
MIL-DTL-13531 (MIL-H-13531) Hydraulic Fuel and Oil Hose
ISO 3861(MIL-H-15217) Sand Blast Hose
MIL-DTL-17505 (MIL-H-17505) Oil and Gasoline Suction and Discharge Hose
MIL-DTL-20176 (MIL-H-20176) Sewage and Oily Waste Discharge
MIL-H-22240 Hose, Rubber, Petroleum Based Fuels and Water
MIL-H-24135 Hose, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber reinforced
MIL-H-24136 Hose, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber reinforced
MIL-H-24580 Hose assemblies, noncollapsible, fire, fighting
MIL-DTL-24606 Hose, fire, double jacketed, treated for abrasion resistance
MIL-DTL-27516 (MIL-H-27516) Gasoline and Jet Fuel Suction and Discharge Hose
A-A-59159 (MIL-H-28596) Saturated Steam Hose
MIL-DTL-29210 (MIL-H-29210) Steam Hose with Metal Liner
A-A-52426 (MIL-H-62217) Silicone Hose - Heating and Cooling Systems
MIL-H-82127 Fuel Discharge Hose
MIL-PRF-53063 Hose, light weight, noncollapsible, fuel
MIL-PRF-62028 Air duct, high temperature

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